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Leaking Roof Repairs Perth

Common Roof Leaks

Cracked Tiles

Cracked tile roof leaks can lure a not so professional roof repairer into a sense of false security because when they first hop up on your roof and find the first cracked tile they think they’ve found the problem. Not so fast! As experience tells us, it only takes a heavy cable guy or a large boot from an aerial contractor to cause multiple cracked tiles so a bit of extra due diligence is whats required just to carefully check over several courses of tiles above the leak point. Water travels down the roof even on the inside! and this means that the roof leak might not be immediately above the damp spot on your ceiling. So that extra bit of care and attention and the extra time spent in investigating your roof leak is very well worthwhile. Slightly more tricky to find would be the roof leak example in the picture below caused by a cracked tile underneath a heap of lichen growing over the crack

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cracked leaking terracotta tiles with lichen

Blocked and Old flashings

This is a wide and varied subject and includes roof leaks from gutters, valleys, skylights and general flashings. Some roof leaks are caused by accumulation of leaf debris, so all that is required is a good clean out of the affected area. However, if the leaking flashing is corroded it will need to be replaced and we are happy to discuss this with you and quote for the job.

Reoccuring Roof Leaks

On lots of occasions we’ve gone to investigate a roof leak only to find that the owner has had numerous “tradesmen” on site trying to sort out the same roof leak with no result. If you’ve gone through the process of having your ceiling repaired, or made a claim from your insurance company it’s annoying to have the roofing leaking problem reappear. Our experience in tracking down roof leaks means that we are confident in finding the problem. We guarantee it.

Rusted valley roof leak

Roof Leak caused by Leaking Valley

A fairly obvious example shown above that’s totally rusted. However the corrosion is even worse under the tiles and the valley edge might even be completely rusted away. This means that in a heavy rain, storm water can overflow into your roof space.

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